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About IBAC

Company History

IBAC was founded in 1993 as a material handling equipment and new bag sales company. Several of our key customers asked for help in developing a reclamation process that would clean and re-certify their bulk bags so that they could be safely reused again.

Eliminate bags going to landfill and significantly reduce packaging cost.

Not only would this eliminate bags going to landfill but it would also significantly reduce their packaging cost. And so began the long process, with many twists and turns, of bringing us to where we are today — the FIBC Reclamation industry leader in North America.

Who We Are

Our staff does business with honesty and integrity. We also believe that challenges are an everyday part of doing business. Our experience and diverse backgrounds enable us to work together to resolve many of the challenges we face along the way. We invite you to call or come by and get to know the IBAC team.

Who We Service

IBAC services a wide range of markets, from agriculture to the oilfield and everything in between — any company that uses bulk bags in their supply chain will benefit from our services.

Ask us about our Mission Green program

Mission GreenLet us help you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your mission to become a greener company. IBAC proudly recognizes our partners for their commitment to environmental stewardship through our Mission Green program.